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    Barbara Walden is one of the century's leading entrepreneur's.  Having recently celebrated 46 years as Founder and President of Barbara Walden Cosmetics, Inc., located in Culver City, CA, she continues to utilize her success as an instrument to help others.  Barbara Walden is recognized and honored as one of the century's leading role models in the world of beauty, and highly praised and regaled as a woman of many humanitarian deeds and efforts.  Actress turned beauty mogul, Barbara was the forerunner in designing the first cosmetic line for the African American women.  Barbara authored the highly acclaimed beauty book, "Easy Glamour" published by Wm Morrow & Company in 1983.  The book quickly established a new precedent in beauty, hair and skin care for women.

    By 1969 this ambitious young women from New Jersey had already won a major contest at Universal Studios.  Among 350 young ladies, 7 where chosen to appear as Mickey Rooney's "Satins' Seven Sinners" in The Private Lives of Adam and Eve, and were given contracts.  Her impressive film credits include The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, What A Way to Go with Paul Newman and Shirley McClaine, Global Affair with Bob Hope, Night of the Quarter Moon with Nat King Cole, and in 1977 made a comeback appearance in Disney's Freaky Friday with Jodie Foster; along with being chosen as one of the three "Bat Girls" for the LA Dodgers and the Hollywood Stars Celebrity game with Mrs. Sammy Cohen and Mrs. Milton Burle, hosted by Nat King Cole.



    Barbara Walden Free & Set - Something special for the Women and Men of today. Luxurious hair set cream that will liberate you from the tyranny of curling irons, pin curls and long hours in the rollers.   Free & Set sets hair in just 10 minutes, restoring natural oils, giving hair body and a beautiful sheen. Free & Set is for all hair types from straight hair to fine hair, pressed hair, naturals, perms and weaves. Free & Set is for the entire family. 

    Shampoo Concentrate is safe for color-treated hair or permanents. Removes hair spray build while gentle enough to use daily. Leaves your hair feeling clean and refreshed.


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    FACE POWDER is made to set and seal FOUNDATION to give a finished look and must be used over FOUNDATION for best results.  The POWDER blends in the CHEEK ROUGE, CREME BLUSHER, CONTOUR SHADING and FOUNDATION for long lasting make-up.  You need to only make up once a day.  When you want to freshen your make-up, blot with a face save.

    EYE LITE is used to give the illusion of toning down the dark circles under the eyes and make the eyes appear brighter.  Do not powder under the eyes as it will emphasize the creases. LIP COAT is applied before the lipstick to prevent the acid in the lips from changing the colors of the lipstick.

    LIP LITE is used to lighten the darker lip so that both lips will match and is applied before the lipstick.  Usually for the lady who takes FOUNDATION 24, 25 or 26.

    LIP DARK is used to darken the lighter lip so that both lips will match and is applied before the lipstick. Usually for the lady who takes FOUNDATION 27, 28, 29 or 30.

    CHEEK ROUGE or CREME BLUSHER is essential to highlight the cheek bones.

    CONTOUR SHADING is used to highlight the nose as well as the sides of the face.  It gives the illusion of making the nose and face seem slimmer.  It brings out the finer features of the face.  Blend CONTOUR SHADING in a diagonal line from the ear to mid-cheek.

    CLEANSING CREME is used to remove make-up and surface dirt.  It melts and dissolves the make-up for easy removal.  It is self-liquefying, very light and leaves the skin velvety smooth.  Whenever removing make-up, always use CLEANSING CREME, followed by SKIN REFRESHER.

    MINT MASK is a deep cleaning facial that helps to tighten the loose skin, helps to remove blemishes and cleans the pores.  Goes below the first layer of skin for deep cleaning.  To be used once per week or if the complexion is in bad condition - more than once per week.  For a refreshing feeling, rinse the face with cool water before applying a thin film of MINT MASK.  Do not talk for 20 minutes or longer because it tightens like a facial mask.  After removing MINT MASK with cold water follow with SKIN FRESHENER to close the pores and remove the remaining residue.

    SKIN ASTRINGENT is for excessively oily skin.  It is to be used on the entire face and on the T-zone area if oily.  SKIN ASTRINGENT should be used 3 times a week. SKIN FRESHENER is to be used on all types of skin - dry, normal or oily.  It is recommended in place of soap because soap dries out the skin, leaves a residue and clogs up the pores.  SKIN FRESHENER gives a clean, fresh feeling and should be used at all times when cleaning the face.  Apply with cotton ball or soft wash cloth.

    MOISTURE LOTION is used to replenish the moisture that the skin loses.  Use every night before going to bed and you may use a little under the make-up.  Be sure and apply around the eye and neck as it can be used as an eye and throat creme. SHAMPOO  is safe for color-treated hair or permanents - Use FREE & SET after you shampoo for style.  HAND & BODY LOTION is a protection against weather, chapping and dryness and leaves your skin velvety smooth.


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