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Barbara Walden: beyond skin deep.

By Robin Boyer-Larkin


If you've ever walked through the cosmetics departments of area Hudson's or JC Penny's stores, you've, no doubt, noticed the hot pink and burgundy packaging of Barbara Walden Cosmetics and the impeccably groomed consultants selling them. This month marks the company's 26th year of fulfilling the beauty needs of the African American woman.

Barbara Walden Cosmetics, according to its namesake, has been around long enough to see more than one generation of patrons at the makeup counter.

"I'm seeing the grandmother, mother and now granddaughter using my makeup," said Walden, actress and author. "It's absolutely wonderful to know people trust your product to that extent."

Barbara Walden Cosmetics was the first Black makeup line to change the retailer mindset that there was no black cosmetics market.

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