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Vogue magazine

Differences resolved

It's a matter of fact that skins from light to beige to ebony may react identically to the basics of skin care. But with makeup the story can be quite different, and one woman's peach-glow foundation can be another's ghastly ochre. When in doubt, take it to a pro.  The smashingly attractive black model and actress Barbara Walden has, after five years of "using myself as a guinea pig," developed a whole beauty line specifically geared to the needs of black women.  Her range of good thinking covers about everything...face and eye makeup, skin-care and hair treatments, even perfume.  Zeroing in on some know lip-color problems, she has such specifics as a Lip Coat which bars the way to changing lipstick color.  Her lip service includes a lip lightener and a lip darkener to even out, before lipstick application, the sometime one-lighter and one-darker-lip mouth of the black women.  The Barbara Walden line is found country-wide and has just recently come to Bloomingdale's in New York. -- VOGUE October 1, 1971

Vogue magazine


"The real difference between Black and Caucasian complexions is skin undertone.  While the white women has pink undertones, the Black woman can have orange, blue, even purple, but never pink."  This statement comes from Barbara Walden, president of Barbara Walden Cosmetics Co. in Los Angeles. As a former actress, Miss Walden encountered every conceivable kind of lotion, potion, and makeup concoction...finding most of them chemically improper for her natural needs and coloration.  The red pigments used in many cosmetics flatter the pink undertones of white-skin, but can produce unbecoming chalky grey, ocher, or red casts to Black women.  By reformulating foundation mixtures, Barbara Walden has now developed bases that include orange and brown pigments -- great looking on Black complexion.  Her seven shades of foundation range from toasty to ebony; and there is a full complement of rouges, eye shadows, and lipsticks to choose from. -- VOGUE August, 1974